Weather Around NYC for the Past Couple of Weeks

looking up at the fluffy snow #walkingtoworktoday

snowmageddon part III or IV, water towers in the background #walkingtoworktoday

appropriate headgear for this brutal cold #walkingtoworktoday

sad umbrella #walkingtoworktoday

changing the outside lightbulbs at the ACE Hotel #walkingtoworktoday

Empire State Building tonight around 10.30 pm

Fog this morning

Looking forward on top of the Empire State Building New Years Day 2011

yellow & pink Vespa's caught in a snow drift on Crosby St while not #walkingtoworktoday


The weather over the past couple weeks has been quite the adventure. There’s been blizzards, pouring rain, nasty winds and a day or two of mildness. Starting with the huge snowflakes today as a jumping off point, I’ve put together some of the elements I noticed.

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