A Memorable & Focused Header

QUOTE FROM FOSTER HUNTINGTON: Consumed by my new life, time goes by fast here. It feels like just last week I moved into my apartment and started my job. I am already anticipating spring around the corner. These nine photos remind of how much my life has changed in the last two and a half years. Try taking a photo, drawing or writing some thoughts down in the same place each season. I bet you will be surprised by the positive unindtended consequences.

I look at a lot of blogs when I have an extra minute. Most of the time it’s through Google Reader—I’m not a fan of how it displays things. But speed trumps anything I’ve come across so far. Because most of the posts I see have some of the core elements of a blog stripped away like a title header I don’t see them that often. Last weekend I had an interesting request about possibly helping fix a header because Blogger has a bug in their uploading tool. The blog that was having the issue was A Restless Transplant. I was just working away on my own stuff and could use a break so I agreed to help. I’m not a developer but I’ve been using WordPress and Blogger long enough that I didn’t think it would be much of an issue. Plus I was curious to see how my troubleshooting skills have improved.

As I was emailing back and forth with Foster who publishes the blog, he asked me a question that any person that has a blog—how did you come across my site? I ask the same thing. For the most part because I do go through a lot of blogs it’s a bit harder to remember. However I was pretty certain I remembered where I came across this one. I have no idea what the date was but I’m pretty sure I found the blog from a tweet of Marisa Zupan-Ciccone, who had it RT’d from someone else I follow. I’m going to guess that RT came from someone she works with. One of the reasons I can remember all this was because of the header of the blog. It was quite a bit different from anything I’ve seen before. I tend to remember stuff like that. Plus because the image changes over time it becomes much more interesting because it is constantly evolving consistently. I mentioned to Foster that he should def. keep that header idea going. It’s a great example of making the content stand out.

His latest blog post talks about each of the images he’s used in the past titled Changing Seasons: White in New York.

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