Geo has a ways to go, or at least with Twitter

Quick observation—last night I tweeted from the same chair in a restaurant on St Marks last night within minutes of each other. Strange thing is that the pin shifted, or at least it looks like I did. One mention of location had in Noho and the other in the East Village. I’m not sure if it was my iPhone, Twitter or Google maps that shifted things. I’ve noticed this in the past that when I Tweet with location on, it’s almost never where I am. I hope something changes that makes this more accurate because it’s hard to use it when it’s faulty.

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  • Robert Kosara

    This is done on purpose, AFAIK, for privacy reasons. Your followers are not supposed to be able to pinpoint you down to the chair you’re sitting in, but it’s more of “I’m in this part of the city now.”

  • michaelsurtees

    That’s an interesting way of looking at it. I’ve always assumed that the measurement wasn’t as accurate as it could be. I guess the bigger surprise for me was that within minutes of doing both tweets it showed me in different locations when I hadn’t moved at all.

  • Randy

    My guess would be that it is your phone. Form my experience horizontal accuracy comes and goes, especially if you are in an environment that hampers GPS reception (like a lot of tall buildings around).