Hey Twitter, thanks for finding @GestureTheory space within a day

Gesture Theory build
Roy opening one of the boxes that had a desk in it..

Gesture Theory build
Desks are built and tested for location placement. The boxes in front of the desks were our chairs.

Gesture Theory build
trying to decide if this was where we wanted things to be located.

Gesture Theory Office Space Completed
We decided that something was off with the original placement, so we turned them around. Everything is built and we’ve been loving the setup.

It’s amazing how fast things can happen. Last Friday was my final day at Behavior and I was starting Gesture Theory on Monday. Gesture Theory had been renting space temporarily since January but we found out last week that it was going to be pretty short term. It was unfortunate but I threw out the question on Twitter last Thursday if anyone knew of available space. Within minutes Jared Caponi let me know of something. We checked it out the Friday and found ourselves Monday, my first full day at Ikea buying stuff and building in what would be our new location.

Now that everything is built I thought I’d throw out another mention of how my connections through Twitter provided an opportunity that I don’t think I could have found anywhere else. We would have found space eventually, a couple friends offered to help us out but the ability to have someone that knows me just through links I share and photos that I post is quite amazing. It also says something about the city I call home that within a day I can turn around having no space into have great space. If things go well we’ll be having a launch party in the new space—stay tuned.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6MFKD454SBOXTNVNZDZKFQK7HA Randy

    Michael, you’re welcome. For sending you that twitter invite. And you said “Why would I use this?” (early 2007) Gratz!