♫ Giving Madlib’s Beat Konducta Around The World a listen

I’ve been using the music app ex.fm quite a bit to find new music. At some point I’ll have to do a post about the entire experience, but for now I’ll share that it’s a great way to make a playlist and stream it to an iPhone or iPad. There isn’t hundreds of thousands of users so the quality choice of music is pretty good. I’ll bounce from user to user to see what they’ve qued up in a random matter to discover stuff. Case in point, I found Madlib – Beat Konducta Around The World. I went to the source which was Stones Throw and bought the entire list of tracks. (FYI, there’s a bug in Stones Throw cart in Chrome, it won’t take the expiry date for credit cards) I’ve only been listening to it for a couple hours but has the potential to be on my year end list of music. The song that I was introduced to was L.A. California. I liked it a lot but since I’m in NYC I thought I’d share this one:

Madlib – New York (U.S.)

and here’s the track for for LA. California YouTube style:

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    Cool music!

  • Anonymous

    Madlib is the best!

    P.s. This blog is FANTASTIC. Where have I been?