Selby vs NYT T MAG

Selby vs NYT T MAG

The Selby takes photo series of people’s personal spaces, typically from people that are known for having a style that is hard to replicate. I can only imagine the traffic that the site brings when a new series is published. The NYT T mag is one of those things that has tried to keep up considering it started print publication. Checking back on the Selby I noticed that there was a series of the photos commissioned from NYT T Magazine.

I was curious to see how the photos matched up site vs site. Each site pulls a different context. The Selby let’s the photos speak for themselves in this case 84 photographs. Contrast that with NYT T mag that displayed 12 images along with corresponding text. Which one is better? They both have advantages, the Selby shows all the images fit to publish while NYT gives a concise story. While they’re both online and hence competing with each other, I don’t really see it that way. The Selby is going to push people that might otherwise not visit NYT T mag and vice versa.

What this does suggest is that if someone is a content creator, it’s not enough to just let those that commission the images to be the sole distributor. Each individual needs to have the ability to display their images when needed. This doesn’t mean publishing stuff before the publication release it, but if I look at other photography sites like Terry Richardson’s Diary, he’ll show the images he shot after they’ve been released. It keeps the cycle going as opposed to the standard print model.

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  • Sue A.

    He also posts “sneak peeks” on Paper magazine’s website with original interview w. each subject. Like these two:

    I think these are pictures Todd takes on his own (not commissioned) and then shares with Paper. I like seeing the images on his site more, but like how Paper provides a more in-depth q+a with each subject. So many choices!

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