Icon to Open and Close a Drawer

Triangles and arrows are pretty familiar visual elements in terms of showing an action. A triangle pointing downwards often denotes more items are viewable once pressed, a solid triangle pointing right depending on the context could be a play button or jumping to a new page. What I haven’t seen that often is an icon displaying an action of opening and closing of a drawer. A drawer is a nice way to keep a person on the same page while allowing new information to be presented. Pressing once pushes the old information to the bottom so newer stuff can be displayed. The icon pressed again closes the drawer. While I was looking at the portfolio site of Mad Margaret I instantly knew what the double arrow inside a circle meant. Typically a pressed state will show the opposite of the unpressed state, but with this icon is simplifies things. Whether something is closed or open, pressing it shows exactly what will happen. The thing is, I’m not sure if I’ve seen those elements used together to let someone know of a drawer. Maybe it’s a pretty common convention that I never noticed before. Either way it’s been a while that I’ve seen some common icons mashed together to display a motion that I’ll be using the next time the opportunity presents itself.

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