Design Notes Turned Six Last Week & I Forgot to Notice

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I was having dinner with a friend from London last week who observed and mentioned to me that I seemed a lot happier. It was hard to argue with the statement because it was (and still is) true. A lot of it had to do with the fact that there’s Gesture Theory. While I want to give it a bit more time before I do a post about how Gesture Theory came to be and what it entailed, I realized on Sunday that I had missed the six year anniversary of this blog. Last year when Design Notes turned five I was pretty happy just to have been able to hit the milestone. This year was just the logical continuation of it. It’s been the consistent timeline that has followed all the up’s and down’s of me being a designer, it’s allowed me to test out theories, experiment, understand online publishing, understand how people spread digital communication, read analytics, see past other blogger’s hype, evolve and file stuff for future reference.

I still don’t have any master plan for Design Notes. It doesn’t need to. I’ve never felt the need to have a publishing schedule and I never blog ahead of time to post things at a certain hour. It’s just not my style of sharing what I want to mention. If I compare how I blogged a couple years ago to now, I post/reblog less about other people’s cool stuff on the net because does a much more efficient job than me copy + pasting stuff. If I have something to share immediately I use Twitter. Flickr still is where I leave my photos. The rest of the sites I use out there tend to be aggregates of those sites. I don’t need to ask for donations to keep this site going and the ad’s that are on my site are here more so because I like what they offer than monetary gain (not much btw).

With Gesture Theory I can get back to what I love. It allows me to work with those that share the same drive, curiosity and need to make things. It also allows me to start talking about ideas that I’m noticing, experiencing and want to push on Design Notes. There’s a couple more sites that I’m planning to launch in a more defined vertical, but for now Design Notes will continue to be anything that I think should be noted.

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