What time is it?

As much we all like to think time is exact, it is subjective and arbitrary in most daily interactions. You have a meeting set for 10 am. Does that mean you come 15 minutes early, five minutes later or at some other time? And once you decide on the time, how did you set your watch. Is the time on your wall clock set at the same time as your microwave? As funny as the time tracking below system below seems, they might be on to something. It takes into consideration that time isn’t exact, but that there are agreeable boundaries.

Around 6 o’clock
5:57 to 6:03

Slightly After 6
6:03 to 6:10

Around 6 Fifteen
6:10 to 6:20

Nearly 6 Thirty
6:20 to 6:25

Half Past 6
6:25 to 6:35

Nearly 6 Forty Five
6:35 to 6:40

Quarter To 7
6:40 to 6:50

Just Before 7
6:50 to 6:57

Around 7 o’clock
6:57 to 7:03

About 12 Noon (or midnight)
11:57 to 12:03

You can see the watch in action at www.talusfurniture.com

via boingboing

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