Turning Off Celebs from News Sites

Silence of the Celebs Off
Silence of the Celebs Off

Silence of the Celebs On
Silence of the Celebs On

Gesture Theory who happens to be Roy C Yang and I are trying to spend 60% of our time on client work while spending 40% on developing products. It’s about balancing collaborations and working in our own startup environment. For the first month it has been 200% client work though last Friday we did a quick sprint to see what we could build and release live in a couple hours.

Silence of the Celebs is a Chrome Extension that allows a user to remove headlines of celebs from CNN, HuffPo and TMZ. A person can add their own people and remove the default list that we’ve provided. There’s a lot more that we’re building into this (like the ability to remove headlines from any site), but for about eight hours of work we’re happy.

One thing to note is that the Chrome Store says that we can see people’s browsing history. While that might be technically true we haven’t put anything in to the extension to actually do this. You can download it at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/aiieldihphpjggpihpgggmmkjgigjnpd. If there’s anything you think we can do to improve on it, please let me know.

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    Very nice and modern design! I like it =)

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    very interesting idea. i never thought of doing something like this.. well.. i am going to download it and after we’ll talk once more to discuss everything

  • http://josephrooks.com Joseph Rooks

    This is the first browser extension to blow my mind since AdBlock.

    I hope this continues to be developed. This idea could be applied to so many different things.

  • deanmike

    Best Plug-in, EVER! I wish it worked everywhere!