Craigslist Sherpa Chrome Extension Release Notes—Navigate Through Posts Without the Back Button

Original Craigslist

Craigslist Sherpa Chrome Extension
We updated the blue to be less harsh

Craigslist Sherpa Chrome Extension Dropdown
Setting instructions about Hotkeys and ability to turn off past link display

Craigslist Sherpa Chrome Extension Listing Page
Created a header that displays the number unclicked results

Craigslist Sherpa Chrome Extension Detail Page
A viewer can now click on the next button to advance to the following result, they can also use the arrow hotkey to advance to the next page, pressing the H hotkey takes the person back to the results listing page

Craigslist Sherpa Chrome Extension Past Links Display
Past clicked on links are shown in gray to create better contrast with those links unclicked

Craigslist Sherpa Chrome Extension
Craigslist Sherpa Chrome Extension

For Gesture Theory’s latest Chrome Extension release, we (Roy and I) wanted to take a look at the experience of a person going through Craigslist. For better or worse people are used to how things look and how they interact with the site. However we took a bit of time to think of how we could enhance things while still making people comfortable with what they’re used to. As we went through different use cases the biggest issue that we came across was how someone actually went from detail to detail screen after a listings page. Currently if someone was looking for an apartment, they would select the area and see a 100 results per page. Once someone clicked on a link from the results there was no way to advance the search aside from pressing the back button. It’s a time consuming process.

We asked ourselves what could we design and implement that would save the person time going from listing to listing. We ended up creating a simple Next and Previous button for the listing page that is highly visible and clickable. We also felt that we could make that experience better so we included hotkeys. If someone uses the right pointing arrow key it advances the screen, left facing arrow goes to the previous page, and the H hotkey takes the person back to the original listing screen. We added a subtle header that displays the number of results viewed and tweaked the blue link color slightly to make it less harsh.

Just like our Silence of the Celebs Chrome Extension, we’re looking for feedback on how to improve things. Inside the Chrome Web Store it does mention that the extension can access “your data on all websites & your browsing history”. While that is technically true we do not have any hooks that are pulling that information and we haven’t put anything inside the code that will let us personally know what you’ve been looking at. You can try out the Craigslist Sherpa Chrome Extension at

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    Hi Michael!  I love the Craigslist Sherpa Chrome Extension, I appreciate it because it makes my searching in Craiglist a lot easier. . Thanks for sharing  this tools I always use Craiglist and this time it will be fun because of you Michael.Mo re power to and may you have a nice day.