Headlines about Cablevision’s iPad App Release

Optimum for iPad

Optimum for iPad

One of the best things about being a designer is designing experiences that have never been considered before. It doesn’t get much better than pushing what can be done on an iPad. While at Behavior I had the opportunity to be part of something pretty exciting. I can’t really say much about Cablevision’s iPad app or the design process though I’m really happy to read people’s initial reactions to it. Below are some of my favorite headlines and excerpts.

UPDATE: Here’s an additional post with videos of people actually using the app: http://designnotes.info/?p=5005

Consumer Reports: Cablevision’s Optimum iPad app offers smooth streaming, despite legal challenges
It provides a smooth, crisp viewing experience and an intuitive user interface.

Cable Spotlight: Cablevision’s iPad App is an Improvement
Cablevision ‘s new “Optimum for iPad” application is an improvement over other earlier efforts in that it allows Cablevision’s customers to view all the channels they can access on TV through their cable subscriptions on their iPads—albeit only in their homes. That’s better than some offerings that do not feature all of the channels and content a subscriber already has paid for.

Multichannel: Cablevision: 50,000 iPad App Downloads In Five Days
Cablevision Systems said its free iPad app, which lets subscribers watch up to 300 live TV channels and access more than 2,200 video-on-demand titles, has been downloaded more than 50,000 times since its April 2 release. The Optimum App for iPad has been the most popular iPad app in Apple’s iTunes App Store’s Entertainment category from Sunday through Wednesday afternoon — followed by Netflix’s streaming app at No. 2 — and is the 10th most popular free iPad app overall.

NYT: Tug of War Between Cable Companies and Channels Comes to the iPad
Meanwhile, Cablevision entered the fray on Saturday, releasing its own iPad app that carries all TV channels the same way a customer’s cable box does. By Sunday afternoon it was ranked No. 1 among all apps in the entertainment section of Apple’s iPad app store.

GIGAOM: Cablevision’s iPad App: 300 Live Channels, 2,000 VOD Titles
The Cablevision app takes an even bolder step: While Time Warner Cable’s iPad offering only launched with 32 cable networks, Cablevision is making 300 cable channels available for live streaming, and extending the app to also include movies and TV shows from its video-on-demand offering. At launch, that will include more than 2,000 VOD titles, with more being added as the cable provider encodes them for IP distribution. Cablevision’s iPad app also includes advanced search functionality that lets users search programming based on genre, cast members, time of day and favorite channels. Like mobile apps from Comcast, Dish Network and DirecTV, subscribers can also schedule and erase DVR recordings directly from their mobile device.

Engadget: Cablevision Optimum for iPad app now available, streams hundreds of TV channels plus VOD
The new Cablevision iPad app is out, taking on broadcasters (Fox, Discovery, Viacom) attacking Time Warner’s live TV streaming TWCable TV app by offering subscribers the same channels as their iO TV package and video on demand. The Optimum for iPad app also includes the ability to set up DVR recordings, delete recorded shows and browse TV listings, although it doesn’t act as a direct remote for the cable box. The last time Fox and Cablevision squared off subscribers couldn’t watch their shows on Hulu or two games of the World Series which, along with a long battle over network DVRs, suggests the cable company is prepared to dig its heels in deep on this issue. Multichannel News points out subscribers need at least one cable box to make use of the new app and the TOS states it can only be used within the customer’s residence.

Gizmodo: Optimum App for iPad is iO Digital Cable In Your Bathroom
The free app is poised to take on Time Warner’s TWCable TV app and Dish Network’s Sling-powered Remote Access app, which were both released in the last couple of months boating similar functionality.

paidContent: Cablevision Launches Optimum for iPad: 300 Channels And VOD
Time Warner Cable tossed a pebblein the water compared to the iPad app launched today by Cablevision. Optimum Live TV for iPad offers the cable operator’s digital subscribers streaming access to approximately 300 live cable channels and roughly 2,000 VOD options at no extra charge. The company insists the streaming option, which requires WiFi but not internet access, is covered by existing contracts that allow it to transmit to screens within the home. It also says it meets advertising standards.

Mac Rumors: Cablevision One-Ups Time Warner Cable With New TV iPad App
While Time Warner Cable has been working to add channels to its live TV app for the iPad in the face of opposition from several content providers including Viacom, Discovery, and Fox, Cablevision has gone all in with the release of its new Optimum for iPad application offering the cable company’s subscribers full access to their television packages.

BGR: Optimum iPad app hands-on
We knew that Cablevision was involved in creating an iPad app that enables the viewing of TV content, but we didn’t know that the app would offer iPad owners a better experience than FIOS’ and Time Warner Cable’s offerings. Cablevision’s Optimum app lets you, from behind your own network at home, view your entire channel lineup directly from up to two iPads simultaneously, complete with program guide information, access to the company’s more than 2,000 VOD offerings with the rest coming this summer, while also letting you record and control your DVR directly from the app. After entering my Optimum account username and password, I was immediately able to access every Optimum channel that I subscribe to from my iPad, and after some quick buffering, video looked absolutely great.

Zatz Not Funny: Cablevision Opens The (iPad) Firehose
Leave it to Cablevision… True to form, they’ve thrown caution to the wind and have launched the full fledged STB replacement iPad app we’ve been waiting for.

I4U News: CableVision Optimum TV App for the iPad is what Consumers want Watching TV anywhere in your house on an iPad is what consumers want. Cablevision, a cable tv service, delivered a free app for the iPad that does just that. The iPad app delivers the full cable television experience to the Apple Tablet, and allows the iPad to function as a television. Like all additional outlets, it is free to existing Optimum cable television customers.

Consumer Reports: Cablevision launches its own iPad streaming-cable app
Network objections to Time-Warner’s cable-streaming iPad app didn’t deter another big provider, Cablevision, from launching a similar app over the weekend. Meantime, Time-Warner added a number of new channels (including the Independent Film Channel, G4, and CSPAN) to replace those removed last week after their owners objected to their inclusion on the cable provider’s streaming service.

The Street: Cablevision Channels Its Own Netflix
And in an attempt to preempt any legal disputes, Cablevision said in its press release that it “has the right to distribute programming over its cable system to iPads configured in this way under its existing distribution agreements with programming providers.” Cablevision declined to comment on whether there has been any reaction from any media companies. Cablevision did say that the Optimum App is the top download in the entertainment category in the Apple App Store and is the ninth most popular download overall.

ZDNet: Cablevision’s Optimum iPad app offers hundreds of live TV channels to subscribers — but for how long?
While the Optimum app includes some of the features that other apps from pay TV providers offer — video on demand options, the ability to program DVR recordings right from your iPad — the fact that it will deliver close to 300 live channels is the most notable. Up to three iPads per household can be used to watch Optimum, though only two can be used simultaneously at any time.

WSJ: Cablevision Unveils iPad Software
Likewise, Cablevision’s app can only be used within its customers’ homes, but it takes a bolder approach by offering customers access to all the channels they can access on TV through their pay-TV subscription on their iPad, including broadcast networks and features like video-on-demand and digital video recording. This approach seems likely to generate further controversy in the media industry as it struggles to adapt its business models to the rise of online video, mobile devices and other digital technologies that have met with enthusiasm from consumers.

ADWEEK: Programmers Silent as Cablevision Launches iPad App
Cablevision has a history of prevailing over programmers in copyright scraps. After a consortium of networks sued to block the operator’s network-DVR rollout, a higher court found Cablevision well within its rights to offer the remote-storage service. Thus far, the Cablevision app is earning positive reviews from subscribers who’ve downloaded the app. Of the 252 users who have weighed in on iTunes, 173 (69 percent) have given the service a five-star rating. Only 45 respondents (18 percent) gave the app a single star.

The Motely Fool: Will You Watch iPad TV?
Cablevision amusingly pitched its app as offering conveniences that set-top boxes can’t match, including the flexibility of watching television in uncommon areas. The bathroom, for example. Can you imagine the ad pitching this feature? “Honey, I’ll be back in 20. Modern Family is coming on.” So much for gathering everyone around the TV.

Techland – TIME: Cablevision Launches iPad App Offering 300 Channels of Live TV
Suddenly, Time Warner Cable’s 32-channel iPad app seems much less controversial. Cablevision has launched a new iPad app called Optimum Live TV, which provides subscribers streaming access to around 300 live channels, with an additional 2000 VoD options available. Subscribers can register three separate iPads to each account, with two available for use simultaneously.

WSJ: Cable Companies Seek To Improve Customer Relations With IPad App
A group of high-ranking cable television executives met with Apple Inc. (AAPL) Chief Executive Steve Jobs in Silicon Valley last April to discuss how to make more movies and TV shows available on Apple’s newly launched iPad tablet device. Those discussions eventually led to the live cable TV apps launched in recent weeks by Cablevision Systems Corp. (CVC) and Time Warner Cable Inc. (TWC), which could transform how consumers watch TV in their homes but have raised objections from programmers.

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