Recent Link Drop Themes from my Google Reader

For quite a while I’ve stopped doing Link Drops for a number of reasons. The biggest was that I was able to find more interesting stuff using Google Reader and sharing it there. However I’m testing the idea of publishing stuff back on Design Notes that piqued my interest. Here’s a couple themes (for whatever reason) that caught my attention. FYI: I purposely left out all my iPad and app stuff—maybe I drop that in another post.

Tools For Outside

Kelly Reemsten

I simply like the elements that make up this image. Strong proportions, bight orange and a sharp tool make this kind of cool. The artist that made it is Kelly Reemsten.

Portland Timbers’ New Mascot Is A Health And Safety Nightmare

I laughed at both the headline and the title of this post. “The Portland Timbers rolled out their mascot/gimmick, Timber Joey (a fine example of why some European football fans can’t quite take the MLS seriously if ever there was one) during the club’s maiden MLS home game against Chicago Fire t’other day…” If you click on the image you’ll see a video of him in action.

Worx JawSaw

I have no need for one of these, but it would be kind of a statement to put one on the living room wall.


First quarter PC forecast: Windows down 2%, Mac+iPad up 250%

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that this graph is so telling in terms of Mac+iPad forcasted growth. What is surprising is that it looks like a lot of the growth might be on new uses for a computer that had not been invented before.

In Defense of Pie Charts

Got to love the title of a study called “In Defense of Pie Charts” while displaying the results with something other than a pie chart.

The city in real-time

Nice visualization of time, distance and speed.

Black and White


I really like the play on words of the book and its physical space. The typography is quite smart too.


Maybe rubber stamps never became a lost art, though I think we’ll be seeing more of this kind of stuff as a reaction to all the hand drawn stuff that was a reaction to all the computer stuff out there.

One Way, Lower East Side

It’s type, it’s a sign and it’s huge, plus it isn’t completely precise with the lines yet certainly make a point.


Matthias Heiderich: Snow Blind

A really nice set of images that are somewhat abstracted in the simplicity of the shapes.

Photo: Dean Kaufman; Dwell

I wonder if the photographer took the image through the window of the room of if there’s any windows at all…

Today’s archidose #489

Who wouldn’t like a building that is wrapped in type?

Inside that is Outside

Residents take an outdoor bath amongst tsunami devastation in Kesennuma city, Miyagi prefecture, April 14, 2011. (Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty Images)

An image of people trying to survive in their environment.

(Source: bigfatpaper)

I have no idea if this image is real or staged, either way it’s pretty compelling.

Hole in Plane Leads to Emergency Landing, Twitpic Shows Details [PHOTOS]

Typically a person settling in before a flight is ignoring the safety instructions. This set of images shows a person documenting what happened when their airplane had a rip in through the top of the roof. Scary stuff.

NY Grid

Really like the grit of this map.

How to Make a Census Map

Interesting post both for the process of making the map and what the map info displays.

New York City (by Endless Forms Most Beautiful)

A small slice of the grid in 3D.

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