design*notes: One Year Later

Last Saturday I passed the one year anniversary of publishing design*notes. It’s funny looking back on it now, but I started this blog b/c of flickr. I was curious to see how I could integrate images with a blog and now we’re here. I also just wanted to share things that interested a designer like me. If there’s any advice I could give, it would be this. It’s never too late to start a blog and you’ll never know where it will take you. The biggest question I get is why are the comments turned off? I simply got tired of getting spammed all the time, it was tiring to delete all the junk. If there’s a positive, it’s the private email conversations that have evolved from something I’ve posted about.

design*notes doesn’t have a huge audience, but I’m happy every-time someone comes for a visit. I do know who links to my site and I thank you for your support. By far the most popular design*notes post has been the interview I did with Deborah Adler, the designer of the ClearRX for Target. Probably second is the post for the Ariel Atom video clip. My third most popular link concerns me a bit: cashmere toilet paper. My favourite posts are the ones on the fly that wouldn’t make it anywhere else except for a blog. For the Lest We Forget: Canadian Designers on War, I was able to publicize the event in Edmonton, and then mention photos that I placed on Flickr. There was also tha lululemon athletica design contest thing that I mentioned…

Where does design*notes go from here? I’m still going to upload links that I think are interesting, but I also want to apply this stuff more. There’s more than enough sites out there that can tell you what the next great thing is, but what does it mean if you can’t do anything with it? So what does apply mean in the context of this blog? Publishing is a start but I don’t think that’s where it ends. IF you’ve got an idea for collaboration, send me an email cause I’m ready.

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