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I’ve decided to test out the idea of doing two different Link Drops. One that is less about technology and one that is just about all about technology. Yesterday I wrote about why I found each of the links worth mentioning, today is the tech version presented as an aggregate.

ENGADGET: Microsoft’s Kinect navigates the universe thanks to Windows SDK
Microsoft’s WorldWide Telescope — a collaboration with NASA that explores high-resolution photos and 3D renders of the cosmos — was already pretty cool, but Redmond upped the ante to incredible with the addition of a Kinect depth camera at MIX 11. Using a piece of software created with the company’s upcoming Kinect SDK for Windows, Microsoft gave us a virtual tour of Earth and the surrounding stars, guided by a deep-voiced narrator holding the whole world in his hands.

TECHCRUNCH: iPhone 4 About To Be Flickr’s Top Camera. Point & Shoots? Pretty Much The Opposite.
While Android has overtaken the iPhone in terms of market share, none of their individual phone models are doing particularly well from a photo-taking perspective. It’s hard to say why this is — lack of a good Flickr Android app, or just because there are so many different model? But with the iPhone 5 now not likely launching until the fall, the iPhone 4 will have plenty of time to sit on the crown and expand upon it. Flickr, meanwhile, will have plenty of time to contemplate what they missed out on in the mobile photo revolution happening on their own charts. And the point & shoots will have plenty of time to bleed.

GIGAOM: Is France Plotting to Kill the Free Internet?
Next month Sarkozy plans to bring politicians from around the G8 — the economic forum that France founded in the 1970s which includes the U.S., Japan, Russia, Germany, the U.K., Canada and Italy (and, of course, France itself) — and get them in the same room as some of the technology industry’s most powerful figures. Names on the guest list include Eric Schmidt of Google, Jack Ma of Alibaba, Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. They’ll be talking about the future of the Internet, and items up for discussion include copyright, piracy, privacy, security and the cloud.

PETA PIXEL: Eye-Fi Mobile X2 Instantly Beams Your Photos to Mobile Devices
Eye-Fi announced their new Mobile X2 memory card today, which allows you to instantly transfer photos taken with your camera to mobile devices running iOS or Android. With the card in your camera and their special app on your device, a direct Wi-Fi connection will be established allowing you to shoot straight to your device.

ENGADGET: Students use Wii Balance Board for kids’ physical therapy system
Nintendo’s kid-tested, researcher-approved Wii Balance Board has struck at the heart of the medical supply industry yet again — this time, the Bluetooth-connected scale is being used to help physically challenged children at Shriners Hospital in Houston. Seniors at Rice University hand-machined a set of force-sensitive parallel bars and programmed a monster-shooting game called Equilibrium to get kids excited about improving their walking gait, where they can play and score points with each proper step they take.

Articulated Arm Tablet Holder: If iPad and Luxo, Jr. Had a Baby
This love-child of Luxo and iPad is one of the more unique – and potentially useful – tablet contraptions I’ve seen so far. The stand conveniently mounts to any desktop and provides you with a handy articulating arm for using your tablet with one hand.

LOST AT E MINOR: Fake blood dispensed when gamer dies in Counter-strike
Riley Harmon, take a bow. His electronic sculpture dispenses fake blood whenever a gamer dies in the popular online first-person shooting game, Counter-Strike. So players will, perhaps, get a sense of realism mixed in with their decidedly unreal gaming life.

NIEMANLAB: More data on The Daily: What’s prime time for iPad use? And which stories get tweeted the most?
The blue line you see above shows the timing of tweets generated within The Daily’s iPad app, tied to hours of the day. So the x-axis starts, on the left, at midnight, the middle is noon, and the right side goes up to midnight the next day. (The time zone here is set to Eastern time, which is where The Daily’s based and where the largest chunk of its users are likely to be.)The green line, in contrast, shows the timing of all tweets to that aren’t generated from within The Daily’s iPad app. So that would include anyone using the Twitter web interface, a mobile Twitter app, or a desktop app like TweetDeck. (Both lines show the share of each group’s tweets happening at that hour — not the raw totals.)

POPWUPING: Fuuvi Pick USB Mini Digital Camera
A fun spycam sized digital toy. The Fuuvi Pick is a 2 megapixel colourful digital camera that shoots both still images and movies, and recharges directly through your computers usb port. The images are recorded to a MicroSD card (not included).

PERCEPTUALEDGE: Teradata, David McCandless, and yet another detour for analytics
Too many of his visualizations display information in ways that hide much that’s relevant and essential, leaving little of value for the viewer to see. McCandless rarely chooses forms of display that our eyes and brains can perceive with ease and precision. He selects what will appeal superficially to the viewer (lots of circles, swirls, and vibrant colors), not what will most effectively express what’s essential and meaningful. His displays rarely draw viewers into the data in a thoughtful way, but entertain in a way that delivers a simple message, which is often anemic when compared to the richer, subtler, and more complex stories that live in the data.

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    thanks… so many links and so much of interesting information! thans a lot) and wanted to say that i liked that picture that was very first) in the beginning) looks very nice and simple)

  • thesis writing

    thanks… so many links and so much of interesting information! thans a lot) and wanted to say that i liked that picture that was very first) in the beginning) looks very nice and simple)