Mental Preparation

I’m one of those guys that’s always looking to the best to see what they can teach me to become better. Recently I came across a great idea from They asked Canadian athletes that were headed to the winter olympics to keep a diary. Below are a couple excerpts that hit me hard.

Ready or Not!
Maybe it’s the fact that I did everything I could in the summer to be as best mentally and physically prepared as I possibly could. Maybe I’ve just grown as an athlete. And as a person. Maybe it just me took me 11 years in this sport to figure things out. Maybe it’ll take me even more. But whatever it is, and whatever happens on the ice, I know that I’m ready to do what is in my power to do. And the rest? Well, the rest just doesn’t matter.

and Crossroads
It’s like coming to that metaphorical crossroad in life. Where you’ve got to decide if you go the way you have always gone because you know it’ll get you there. Or do you dare to venture out on a different path? One with no signs that tell you if it’s a shortcut or a dead-end.

Regan Lauscher
Luge for Canada

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