brand which?

After reading Debbie Millman’s post last Friday titled Seeing and Knowing, it reminded me of a great idea from Steve Portigal’s chittah-chattah blog where he describes a project he wants his class in Design Research Methods at CCA to be immersed in. They need to either blog or add pictures to flickr. In Steve’s words I’ve asked them to think like design researchers and use this as a way to practice noticing stuff, and telling stories. They can blog whatever they want, but at least one piece per week should be something interesting they noticed – something funny or odd or curious or unusual – in their daily lives. An experience, a design, a need, a person doing something odd. Just to learn to pay attention to that alerting part of our judging selves. Ideally, this will help build the muscles they’ll need for making sense out of the fieldwork they start doing. If you go over to his post, you can view all the students captures HERE.

And just in case you wanted more on design research, Jason A. Tselentis at SpeakUp asks about Design Research?

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