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Skyscrapers in a traditional style

I’m not a plate collector though I like how they took on an accepted norm and made it better. The style, material and format all speak to something kind of old. Yet because there’s buildings on the plates it feels kind of accepted.

Teeth Rings

These are truly one of a kind. I’m kind of curious to know the story behind these and who would actually have one of them made. Would the person wearing the ring be displaying their on teeth or someone else’s, and if the latter would it be those teeth be from someone they know or not?

Xbox 360 Bullet Buttons: Gun Controller, Literally.

This could be an art piece yet I think there’s a market for something like this in day to day life gaming. It speaks on a lot of levels in terms of what that controller’s main purpose is. Kind of sad.



Saw this image via a tweet from the person that took it. Impressive that the photo taker knew what a Byzantine physics equation looks like—here’s the text describing the image: “Top: Byzantine physics equations on a legal notepad. Left: poetry on a kindle. Right: marked up copy of Municipal Planning Officer’s sample exam. New York, this is why I love you.”


The weather continues to keep people on their toes here. While I’m not happy about all the rain and cold I’m pretty sure I’ll be complaing about the heat soon enough. In any case I’m pretty sure I saw that lightning strike at eye level if that image was taken last week.

San Francisco vs. New York—Fight!

Smart companies realize that having a voice that cuts through to your audience isn’t a matter of ‘look at me, look at me’. It’s a matter of politeness. While I think people are generally open minded and curious, I also don’t think they have the time or attention to learn about everything that clicks onto their radar. Putting on a show isn’t a matter of hoodwinking—it’s a matter of communication. —Ash Huang

I enjoyed reading this from someone that has lived on both coast’s.


SWINGING MODERN SOUNDS #29: The Museum of Broken Things

Who doesn’t like music? While I don’t really know that much about how it’s made I do appreciate the process that it takes to make it. So it was fascinating to read about a tool that some hate while other’s don’t.

British Spy Secrets Still Much Cooler Than American Spy Secrets

Reading stuff like this make me wonder what I’ll be reading about in a couple decades.

Pregnot: Toppenish High student fakes pregnancy as social test about stereotypes, rumors

I found this post via Joanne McNeil shared Google Reader. Amazing description of a first person experience.


Behind the Scenes: New Photography 2010: Alex Prager

I really enjoyed hearing about Alex Prager’s process and watching the varying degrees of discomfort from the interviewer.

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    […]Smart companies realize that having a voice that cuts through to your audience isn’t a matter of ‘look at me, look at me’. It’s a matter of politeness[…]
    Absolutely agree with this