Gesture Theory’s Blog is Now Up

Gesture Theory's Blog is now live

I’m pretty happy to pass along the news that Gesture Theory’s blog is now up. We’re tying the content of the blog to our Magazine that we sent out this afternoon. This is our first iteration and plan to add a couple more elements in the upcoming issues. Before we released the blog we felt that Gesture Theory needed to have a couple other functional social pieces working. We wanted start with Twitter to learn about the type of content we wanted to share, speak quickly and pass along links. Flickr was second so we could share images. Once we had those running for a while the blog gave us the opportunity to combine the best of those social features.

We built our main site around the idea that those social modules could pull in the newest info. Once the blog was ready we could drop an additional module while having the blog stand alone. With the blog completed we could also integrate Twitter and Flickr easily as they’ve been running for a while. And because the blog was ready we could send out the magazine that people had signed up for.

As with anything I post work wise, I’m curious to hear any thoughts that might make the product better.

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