Time to Fill Some Desks, We’re Hiring at @GestureTheory

just received the die cut @gesturetheory stickers

GestureTheory started in January 2011 as a team of two. We’ve been heads down working on some great projects and are ready to expand. Gesture Theory is looking for freelancers to help us with exciting new projects. Interested?  Great – here is what we are looking for:

Backend Developer
Gesture Theory has been pretty platform agnostic.  We and our clients typically work in PHP, Ruby on Rails, or Python.  We are looking for a backend developer that typically spends their spare time going to meetups and learning new things.  If you are looking for challenging and interesting projects, Gesture Theory is the place for you.

iOS Developer
Gesture Theory is working on some very exciting apps with more in the pipeline.  If you relish getting new SDK releases and implementing new user experiences, shoot us a note. We are looking for developers that have published bug-free, polished apps and like to work on both iPhone and iPad apps.  The ability and desire to prototype in HTML5 touch frameworks also a plus.

Hybrid Designer
We’re looking for someone that is equally passionate about typography as they are with making a great experience for the person that will be using what they designed. Ideally you’re comfortable with a product design philosophy of being agile and willing to iterate when needed. Hopefully you also publish on a blog, shoot photos from your smartphone and spend your free time dreaming about stuff you want to design and make.

Common Traits
We are looking for people that can come to the table with original ideas and push the innovation envelope.  We strive toward a collaborative culture where the best idea wins the prize.  We typically work with startups, publishers, and other clients that have great ideas and interesting projects.  Send us a note to jobs -at- gesturetheory.com if you or anyone else you know might be interested.

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