Volkswagen and Google’s New Navigation System

From “The central element is a touch-screen interface linked to Google Earth. Precise 3-dimensional maps, real-time traffic and route guidance updates and a search function set new standards in navigation technology. This so-called “open system” integrates the internet to meet the individual requirements of the driver and his passengers.

The prototype enjoys three important advantages over today’s systems. Firstly: the 3-dimensional, photorealistic display of the surrounding area makes intuitive orientation easier for the driver and his passengers.

Secondly: important real-time data are fed into the system through a link to the internet. This means that, for example, traffic data and weather reports, but also any other information relevant to planning the journey such as filling stations, their opening times and current fuel prices are available, enhancing comfort, safety and reliability for the journey.

Thirdly: a further online link coupled to the search function allows the driver and his passengers to receive specific information about special features en route and at the destination – hotels, restaurants, cinemas and theatres are feasible examples. The driver and his passengers can even receive shopping data, right down to current prices, through the innovative navigation system. All such data is shown on the display.”

Read the whole article at Volkswagen and Google develop revolutionary navigation system.

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