Why I heart NO!SPEC

I’ve been reading a lot of spec confessionals lately from blogs via NO!SPEC. The thing is, while I support the NO!SPEC site with everything I have, I don’t have any spec bogeyman stories involving myself. I probably owe it to luck for not getting involved with those type of schemes, but I also think it has something to do with my design education. I spent five years in design school, three in college and two in University. That investment of time, money and commitment gave me a foundation to believe that I had something valuable to contribute to industry. One of the reason why I think the NO!SPEC site is such a big deal is because it is connecting with every conceivable designer background to value the work that they do. The design community is small, so if NO!SPEC can create a venue to share stories about who is exploiting designers and how to educate them, the better the chance there is to eliminate the practice.

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