Link Drop Edition Number 5

Last week was pretty much non existent for finding anything on the net. There was a ton to do that Google Reader was barely opened. However what I did notice with what I was saving there was a strong element of visualization. Everything from sparklines to artist’s interpretations of data by hand.

@ISSUE: Graphically Evoking Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”

SisTeMu was the name of the musical notation system that a designer in Spain created. The system is based on geometric forms and color.

ARCHITIZER: Radical Architecture In Your Palm

I really like the idea of taking something like a stamp and making way more interesting with AR. I think it could be quite useful with helping determine what’s inside the package before a person opens it.

CREATIVE APPLICATION: Hexagrama [vvvv, Sound]

The video visualizes time in in sacred geometry with music to understand changes in perception.

DATAVISUALIZATION: Inspiration Impuls: Complexity Graphics

There’s a nice cross section of illustrations from Tatiana Plakhova mentioned on What’s interesting is while they look like they are representing data, however everything is created by hand. This a great example of exploring how data could be explored while not being held back with technical constraints.

SERIAL CONSIGN: The psychoeconomy war room table (and other situational awareness vignettes)

A timely post that draws data, politics, war and interfaces together from both the conceptual stage and game environments.

ZACH SEWARD: Spark Tweets

Very cool idea to display data in a tweet. I think there’s tons of potential with dynamic data being displayed in a manner that could be copy + pasted into other forms without images.

DOOBYBRAIN: The Oona floating smartphone stand

The Oona: Whatever You Need It to Be from Brad Leong on Vimeo.

While the idea of being able to mount an iPhone on any surface is a great concept, halfway through the video they show it on an egg timer. Why an egg timer—so the iPhone could shoot a 360 photo. Awesome.

MASHABLE: Gaining Authority in the Age of Digital Overload

Authority in the Age of Overload

View more presentations from Edelman

There’s a couple common approaches to staying at the top of the digital overload issue.

A CONTINUOUS LEAN: Spring Ritual: Ode to the Negroni

This drink can be tough for those that aren’t used to the combination of Campari and gin. However I tend to think that people that try it usually order it regularly. It’s one of my favorite drinks year round. When I was in Montreal for a quick trip, I don’t think I saw Campari in one bar that I visited.

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