design*notes featured in Applied Arts Magazine

One of the best parts of being a designer is seeing your work in action. I get a rush every-time I pass something that I’ve designed as a civilian. Today was even a bit better. Perusing my local magazine shop, I picked up the latest issue of Applied Arts magazine. design*notes was one of three Canadian design blogs featured in a story about blogs titled Let’s Talk About It, Rapidly proliferating designer blogs serve as vehicles for self-expression, to share industry information, for soft-sell promos and to stir up controversy. The other two Canadian blogs featured were Industrial Brand Creative and The NYC based Speak Up was the fourth blog mentioned.

I was sort of expecting to read something as I was contacted by the writer Frank Lenk for an interview a couple months ago. I just have to thank Frank for making me sound a bit smarter than I really am.

If you’re in Canada you can pick up the April 2006 issue now at your favourite newsstand.

You can view the original flickr image at

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