Who needs to blog when you can drop a post by attaching Flickr Images to a tweet?

Probably the most over used phrase when it comes to publishing is “story telling”. Narrative works in many ways. Sure there’s the observations of the author, chronological aggregation is another (think wikipedia), but there’s also a third that brings fragmented sources together that are more personal. Let’s say a person check’s in (data point one), adds an image to instagram (data point two), shoots another image that is published to Flickr (data point three) that is sent to Facebook automatically (data point four). Each of those streams or pipes might have one or two followers but is pretty unlikely that anyone is following or cares to connect all the dots together. However if there was an automated way all of a sudden all that data makes a story worth looking at.

I’ve been experimenting how data is suddenly displayed in tweets for a while. Typically it’s with a photo though I’m seeing audio files slipping into the stream. Comparing how I would normally do a post with a couple images, I’d drop them on Flickr, copy the html text into the post and press publish. Tonight I got more readers seeing the post as a tweet with the images associated with each other than I could hope with an actual post (keep in mind that people to get context are reading the post).

Again here’s how I’d normally post something like this:

Nice type from the John Dory Oyster Bar #walkingtoworktoday

negroni & oyster time

To get this post right I had to observe something worth shooting last fall. Tonight I connected a dot that I never forgot about. To release it though, it was simply dropping a couple links via a photo hosting site on to Twitter vs trying to compose a post on WordPress. Something to note…

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