The Instinction of the Cursor

Daniel Rozin Opening

At first glance I really liked the evolution of tools image. It starts of with an arrowhead tool and slowly morphs to a cursor. After thinking about it for a couple minutes I realized like a lot of the other tools on the image they’re not really used any more and some are pretty instinct, is the cursor the next on the list to stop being relevant? Up until recently people interacting with computers had a few options with the most likely case being a mouse (and/or Wacom tablet) and a cursor. But now that we have touch screens that allow for gestures which means there’s no need to see a cursor. Another gesture is the motion sensor—one of the more successful commercial applications is the Kinect for the Xbox. People are making all sorts of interesting interactions with it that go past the idea of games. However my favorite example of a physical gesture comes from the artist Daniel Rozin. Above is an image from an opening I attended a couple years ago. There’s a really fascinating interaction of play and motion that goes on when a person viewing them self through a different material.

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    Thanks for this interesting post. I really liked the idea of ​​the evolution of cursor

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    I never thought of the cursor coming from an arrowhead…it makes sense though.