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The Guardian has a wonderful article about inspiration titled: Divine inspiration

In our craving for something we can’t count on we will often unwittingly do anything we can to destroy it. Inspiration may not belong to us, but it is only we who can be inspired. And by the same token it is only we who can spoil it.


Nick Broomfield
Documentary film-maker

Inspiration for me comes out of loneliness and a need to understand the times we live in. When I made Heidi Fleiss it was because I was feeling incredibly lonely in Los Angeles and wanted to find a story that would enable me to come to terms with this town which was so unlike anything I had encountered before. When I’m editing I like to be a bit removed, out in the country where you don’t have to shave if you don’t feel like it and people don’t ask you about your work and you can hold a thought from one day to the next. I’m always building something, because editing is such a static process and you need to hold on to a certain momentum. Building is great for getting the blood going. I’m hopeless at all of this but it’s a wonderful relief from the fact that you’ve got structural problems on your film.

It’s all about persistence and doing 15 versions before finally getting the right one. Towards the end of a project I have big bright flashes and I realise how it will all come together, but a lot of it is just very plodding work. Desperation is often a big factor. You take the biggest risks when you have the least to lose. On Driving Me Crazy I decided to put the making of the film into the film. No one else had ever done this before, and it was the only way I could tell the story in a hopelessly out-of-control situation. It really worked and it opened a whole new area. I was amazed.

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