Profanity at the book fair

I'm such a loser to be taking photos of things like this

I was tipped off about Dexter Sinister some time ago from my friend Ray. However when I was walking around the NY Art Book Fair I felt a little lost until I reached their table upstairs. Walking around the main floor I really thought perhaps this fair was for people with a lot more knowledge about books than me. I did eventually find a couple books (Designing Interactions and The Laws of Simplicity) that interested me at M.I.T. Press.

But I still wasn’t that happy until I saw the Dot Dot Dot stuff on the table by the far wall. I forgot where I was when I blurted “holly shit“! I mean how often do you see a groups of those journals and the book from Norman Potter. I ended up picking up a collection of essays titled “The Uncertain States of the America Reader”, and hopefully a great read, “Models & Constructs” from Norman Potter. That made the fifteen minute walk from my apartment worth it…

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