3rd life

While I try to stay far away as possible from video games, I’m intrigued by the idea of Second Life. PSFK has an interview with one of the creators of SL. Here’s a context question to give you an idea about what it’s about. Can you give a quick overview about how long SL has been running, what was your original plan for SL? Second Life launched commercially in June of 2003. I wanted to create a digital online world where the environment would constantly evolve, driven by what people make and do. The goal was build a platform where anyone could build their “second life,” aside from whomever they really are in the “real world.”

The idea of emulating real world items in Second Life, like shoes from nike etc. are notable, though I’m curious to see what comes from Second Life into 3rd life – the real world after second life. Those items developed in a virtual world that become tangible items that people living and breathing can use. If you’re a second life expert, maybe you could share any examples out there that I’m not aware of. You can email me at michael [at] michaelsurtees.com

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