Walking Down 5th Avenue Observing 9/11

Touching 9/1 memorial on 5th av 1of3

Touching 9/1 memorial on 5th av 2of3

Touching 9/1 memorial on 5th av 3of3

Most mornings I’ll walk down 5th av to Washington Square Park on my way to Gesture Theory. Taking that familiar route this morning, red cups lined for a couple blocks appeared out of no where. It became apparent quite quickly that it was an observance of 9/11.

In observance of the tenth anniversary of 9/11, Illegal Art has marked each of the 110 floors on the sidewalk with chalk, starting at 5th Avenue and 14th street and heading north for 1,368 feet (417 meters), the height of the taller of the two towers.

Passerby, like yourself, are encouraged to walk the height of the once standing building along 5th Avenue and write any words that express your feelings or experience related to 9/11.

The silence was defining as I walked down that street observing those cups. While they were there to serve a function they felt like candles in remembrance. It was a really moving experience taking each of those steps for a couple blocks. I wasn’t fully ready for it, but as an experience it was one of those moving moments that will be hard not to remember for quite some time.

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