The Myth of Great Designs found on the streets of NYC

Ghost Chair Transparent by Philippe Starck

What seems like an internity now that I’ve been here for a while, before moving to NYC I’d come across stories of people finding cool design furniture on the streets. Stuff that no designer would probably throw out if they knew what it was. On the flip side near the end of any month there’s tons of furniture on the streets from people moving that can’t keep because their new apartment shrunk in space from what they used to live in. Almost a 100% of the time it’s not worth slowing down for. Now that I’ve been walking my weim Madison and walking to work for five years around Manhattan I can now report that the myth of cool designer furniture does indeed come true with an open eye and some patience.

I was on the home stretch of my walk with Madison on Friday morning (having celebrated my birthday the previous evening) when I came across something that I thought was too good to be true. A clear plastic chair that looked pretty familiar. In between Lex and Park on 31st street was a Louis Ghost Armchair by Philippe Starck. I spent a couple brief seconds inspecting the chair for some sort of obvious defect that would explain why it was on the street. I didn’t notice anything so I spent the next couple blocks with a Starck chair under one arm and a weimaraner under the other.

The great thing about the chair was the material. Because it was clear plastic there was no chance of bedbugs or anything else that crazy. After giving the chair a couple good cleanings it’s found a new home.

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  • Obsessionist

    Mega jealous. It looks like its in pristine condition.

  • Michael Surtees

    Ha, it only took five years to find it. Who knows, there might be one around your street corner tomorrow…

  • Johanna

    1) Oh my goodness, happy belated! Ahh, so sorry I didn’t catch that online sooner. I hope you had a wonderful one.
    2) That’s amazing, congrats on the find 😉 It looks great in the photos.
    3) Are there invisible bookshelf things holding your books in place, or do you just stack them like that? I can use some interior decoration inspiration for my impending move…

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