Blog reDesign

Every once in awhile I flirt with the idea of redesigning this blog. Though ironically in the first year I did update it three times. I even changed the name. Originally design*notes was known as d*notes. But I decided to change it after swissmiss kept calling my blog “design*notes“. She’s pretty smart so I followed suit.

Generally the need for a redesign of anything follows one of three reasons: a. a merger or acquisition, b. change in leadership or, c. a new direction or philosophy. While thinking I wanted a redesign, the blog never really fell into any of those categories. Today this blog still doesn’t fall into those categories, but a blog mentioned on Coudal today has really inspired me to get a hell of a lot better with the design of design*notes. It’s by Khoi Vinh. I’ve sort of liked the understated design factor of design*notes. I felt a good blog didn’t need to look designed, or have that web 2.0 look – the content should be first and foremost.

I still believe that today, but has set the bar pretty high for being able read the content in such a great way that you can’t stop. That is what I want design*notes version four to be. Stay tuned and thanks for the ongoing support.

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  • Michael Holdren

    Michael… I’ve seen you post on Speak Up several times before, but never realized you had this blog until DM pointed it out to me the other week (with his interview, which is very nicely done by the way). I’ve been following your blog ever since. It’s well written and you have great coverage on things of design.

    I didn’t realize that you weren’t already familiar with Subtraction, but I’m glad that you are. It’s a great site that everyone should probably be familiar with. It has a fantastic use of the grid and like you said, it doesn’t need to look “obviously” designed to be well-designed. These are the things that ranks Subtraction as a high-standard for me as well. Of course I’m just a sucker for balanced white space and the intelligent use of rules.

    I don’t see a lot of comments, so I feel like I’m sticking out just a bit here. Anyhoo, just wanted to say “hi.”

  • michaelSurtees

    Thanks for the positive feedback Michael. I’ve actually had the comments closed for quite some time b/c of spam issues. It wasn’t until today when I got an email from that made me think I should open design*notes back up to comments. I hope this time I can keep the talk going two ways for a long time.


  • Michael Holdren

    Now that you say that, I DO recall seeing before that comments were closed. Hopefully the “word verification” will help stem the flow of spam comments.