Virtual Key System

I seem to be on a digital kick these days. Between the wifi shoes and umbrellas to this RFID idea – I’m finding the interaction between objects and visible action to be worth exploring. The above images are for a Key Transponder: Transport and Responder for Opening the Door. Here’s how they explain the virtual key and RFID tag: “RFID Tag is built inside the key-shaped product, and the reader has the same key-shaped hollow. When you let your key-tag touch this hollow, the visit will be told to the real key holder.“

On the iconic side of things, here’s a good example of an object that has been transformed by technology, yet the shape of the object is defined by it’s past. You can read more info about the key transponder HERE.

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  • ELMANCO / Stefano Ricci

    great find, i like interaction like this beetween digital and analogical.

    good blog yours! discover it only today : )