My new favourite iPhone Photo App

Washington Square Park

I’ve been loving the new iPhone 4S’ camera. I’m using it as much as I can with Instagram and Flickr. Typically when I shoot it’s pretty static in format. Usually the format is either a square or 16:9 proportion. Yesterday Mike Arauz mentioned a new photo app to me that you should download immediately after reading this post. It’s called Photosynth. It makes panoramic images amazingly easy to take. All I had to do was tap the screen once and started to pan. Above is what I shot this morning rotating almost 180 degrees in Washington Square Park.

I started experimenting from my apartment this evening with Photosynth. What I didn’t realize until I started moving my iPhone around is that the app will stich both horizontally and vertically. It really opens up the ability to capture a huge image.

Manhattan in the evening

After taking the unedited image I cropped it in app before saving it. This was what I ended up with. I really like this app, I’m sure I’ll over use it a bit but it’s really worth exploring.

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  • Rachel

    Very nice!  Thanks for the tip.

  • Anonymous

    very nice .