The Future of Publishing to the iPad, Announcing DeckPub

DeckPub Dashboard

DeckPub Editor

DeckPub LinkDrop Contents Page

DeckPub LinkDrop Leaf Page

Over at Gesture Theory we reached a pretty significant milestone Friday evening. We published our first live deck from DeckPub to the iPad using our own product. We used Link Drop to test because it gave us an opportunity to see how the images loaded with text with online content that people would want to read on an iPad. The screen shots above show the Dashboard where people create their decks, the Editor which allows people to add content, the content’s and leaf pages using Link Drop used on the iPad. We did a major sprint to build this product. Next week we will be rolling it out to those that have signed up to be on our private alpha list. If you’re curious to see how the future of publishing to an iPad is here, I’d recommend signing up at You can also see Link Drop by pasting this on Safari in an iPad

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