Publishing Decks to the iPad and iPhone

DeckPub on my iPad

There’s essentially two ways for people to publish online theses days. Using a print solution like a pdf or a web based CMS. The problem is that both ways were created before tablets and smart phones. I don’t think they really take advantage of what screens have the capabilities of doing today. PDFs also need a lot of time to make and CMSs assume people know how to code. It’s also a lengthy process. Over the past couple of months Gesture Theory has been working on a better way to publish to the iPad and iPhone. Our first alpha release allowed people the ability to create a deck based on four templates. It was limited in what it could do but it gave us the ability to see how people were trying to use the decks. Based on those observations our next alpha release was pretty ambitious. That release happened last night. People can now add and delete panels, change the order of panels, select more types of panels for each template, change the typography based on font, color and size. We also added the capability to publish to an iPhone and change the format in terms of landscape or portrait depending on the template. We also looked at the editing tools. The library, panels and settings have been moved to the right rail. This release is pretty significant for us.

The biggest question I’ve been asked is who is DeckPub for? Tablets are visual in nature and allow for a type of interaction that doesn’t need to rely on a mouse click. Apps if designed correctly can work just as well offline as online. So one group of people that will love DeckPub are people that need to display their portfolio. That could be a photographer, a designer, or even a marketer. The second group that have found the work flow really easy are people that sell products. DeckPub is really helpful for people to create catalogs of their products for presentations or showing off property they are selling. The third exciting group are educators and those that create original content. All of a sudden people can now digitize their content in a private way that can be distributed online.

We’re already getting ready for the public beta release. We’re pretty close. All that is left is a bit of testing and sprinting. If you’re curious about DeckPub, just signing up for an invite at

Here’s the workflow

DeckPub Alpha 0.8 Dashboard

Select a deck
DeckPub Alpha 0.8 Select a deck

Select a panel
DeckPub Alpha 0.8 Select a panel

Table of Contents panel
DeckPub Alpha 0.8 Table of Contents panel

Build a panel
DeckPub Alpha 0.8 Build a panel 1

Add an image
DeckPub Alpha 0.8 add an image

Add text
DeckPub Alpha 0.8 add text

Library on right rail
DeckPub Alpha 0.8 Library on left rail

Typography settings on right rail
DeckPub Alpha 0.8 Typography setting on right rail

Add a background
DeckPub Alpha 0.8 Add a background

Preview iPad deck
DeckPub Alpha 0.8 Preview iPad deck

Preview iPhone Portrait
DeckPub Alpha 0.8 Preview iPhone Portrait

Preview iPhone Landscape
DeckPub Alpha 0.8 Preview iPhone Landscape

Share deck via email, Twitter or Facebook
DeckPub Alpha 0.8 Share deck via email, Twitter or Facebook

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  • Francisco*

    Very interesting.
    Looking forward for the release.

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  • custom items

    Hi Michael! I kind of an old school guy who is comfortable publishing with the use of a PC but when I read your Ipad does desktop publishing I was blown away. Next year is 2012 and I will get an ipad 3. Thanks and more power to

  • Anonymous

    Keep stuff like this coming.Great to see to release that type of iphone and ipad.

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