A couple tech interview video sites to catchup with over the holidays

I’m in the process of starting to reorganize some of my sources of info that I deal with on my browser. As I started to shuffle links around I noticed a nice set of tech video sources. Now that the holidays are almost here I figured I might be able to catchup on some of the interviews I’ve missed. Below are some of the sites that I think are worth visiting to learn a bit more about technology and some of my favourite interviews that I’ve seen.

Bloomberg West

I pretty much watch Bloomberg West every night once I get home. The hour long program reports on all the relevant tech news of the day. I really like how they make the financial information accessible to people that aren’t completely familiar with those details and the people they interview. I also like the vibe that each of the reporters gives as they share information. I would def. make an effort to start recording this on your DVR.


I’m slowly making my way through this set of presentations from Paris’ LeWeb conference. It seemed liked the roster of speakers included everybody that is anybody in tech these days. A couple videos that I would recommend start with include Dave Morin, Co-Founder & CEO, Path and Loic Le Meur, Mike McCue, CEO, Flipboard and Loic Le Meur and George Colony, Forrester Research “Three Social Thunderstorms”


I’m not that familiar with Press:Here as it’s shown locally on the West Coast. A quick glance of the people they’ve interviewed looks like a lot of people that I’d want to hear more about. I’d probably start with Author Eric Ries discovers a better way to launch companies.

Charlie Rose

Ok, Charlie Rose isn’t always about tech but needs to be on any list of video sites to catchup with. I try to catch a couple of his interviews during the week. Some of my favourites this year include Moneyball: Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Bennett Miller, A Conversation about the NYC High Line, A Tribute to Steve Jobs, Reid Hoffman and Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn, Zach Galifianakis, Steve Martin, Robert Duvall, Charlie Rose: Social Media, Marc Benioff, Chairman & CEO of salesforce.com, Jack Dorsey, Founder of Twitter, Tim Wu, Valery Gergiev, Simon Rattle & Antonio Pappano and Michael Lewis

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