Welcome to design*notes

It’s true, I’m taking design*notes to a new weblog publisher. The biggest change in the upcoming weeks will be the addition of the categories search being well defined.

UPDATE: It will be a couple weeks before all past blog entries have been logged into the Categories section…

UPDATE 2: It seems that there’s some issues with people commenting. I’ll be looking into the problem…

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  • http://trackingimagination.blogspot.com nate

    hey Michael,

    love the re-design really simple and clean, only thingis that so far your pics aren’t showing up inn my feed reader. Not too familiar with your set up but I would love to be able to see them. Thanks keep up the great work!

    go oilers

  • http://www.spintechnologies.ca/flashblog Randy Troppmann

    Congrats. Nice job so far.

  • http://www.michaelsurtees.com michael

    Congrats Michael. You can delete this comment if you like.