Tweaking the New Year

On the top of the Empire State Building on New Years day

Looking north towards Central Park

A couple years ago after reading a post from someone that visited the Empire State Building once a year on New Years Day I decided to follow the same tradition. Just like last year and the year before that it gave me a focused opportunity to reflect on the past year and decide what I will do for the remainder of the new year.

Looking back it was like no other. The biggie was Gesture Theory. We worked with more people, released better products and ultimately we we’re in control of our direction based on our experience. It wasn’t always easy but it was with all the other experiences that lead to the confidence that when things weren’t working out as they should be, things would still would work out.

I’ve always maintained that no two days in NYC are ever the same. That still holds true but I also am starting to focus on a couple things each day that can move the needle each day. Small tweaks to the unordered routine will make this post next year interesting to read.

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