Web Eyetracking

Ever wonder what the hot spots on a web page are? According to Web Marketing Today, big block images should be avoided for nav. purposes while small images of people tend to work for page anchors. The above image illustrates the typical eye search of a web browser. Eyetracking and Images of People can be read at www.wilsonweb.com/art/ecomm/eyetracking-people.htm

via Uniquely the epitome

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  • http://mozdawg.blogspot.com/ Ben Tremblay

    Nooooooooo … it’s way worse than this! “Readers don’t read” comes closer to the ugly truth.

    see the pic from Nielson’s work as reported in this ZDNet article (March 2006):

    It’s really informed my design; http://bentrem.sycks.net/index2.html is what I’m working on right now.


  • http://mozdawg.blogspot.com/ Ben Tremblay

    You know … looking at the two images together (I posted to my MozDawg blog) … the effect of the face is dramatic. Really. Massive, actually. (When I was doing cog-psych at Dal I initiated a VRML project with my ethology prof; that sequed into a proprosal for research into facial expression. It never went anywhere but woa, are we ever susceptible!)