Common issues with a new site, Marktd reviews one week of action

If you’re familiar with then a site like Marktd would be a welcome addition to your morning routine. However it’s not perfect as commented on by it’s initiator with his review at Marktd – Week 1 Review My biggest issue would be the lack of people marking. 3 or 4 marks for any story is not enough to make a huge differentiate on stories like digg. I’m looking to see what’s catching people’s attention just like I used to do when visiting the NYT and checking out the most popular stories. If the site catches on with a lot of people getting active with the stories, it should be of benefit. You can check Marktd at

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  • Piers Fawkes

    Hey. thanks for this feedback. It’s very useful. Going forward, the number of marks needed to get to the Latest News site will increase to a higher number. Right now I want this figure to reflect the lower site traffic – and demonstrate the application to new visitors.