My Favorite Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection

I don’t typically write too much about fashion but I thought this was a worthy exception. Mei Liu has released her first collection under the name PRIORY OF TEN for Autumn/Winter 2012. Like I said I don’t know much about fashion but what I do know is a sense of proportion, attention to details and the art making something great. All of those elements are displayed in her look book. A couple months ago she walked me through her process. To see it all come together is really impressive. In terms of the look book, that was designed by another friend who’s a pretty good designer in his own right. Kevin Boothe put the look book together and identity. To see the full book with all the designs, just download the PDF.

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  • SilverJewelry_asia

    nice and interesting combination of short and long tops and at the same time straight and oblique lines

  • CustomStickerPrintingServices

    I love the name of the collection but I wish the photos were shot outdoors to have a more urban feel. The clothes are great by the way.