A question of innovation

It’s cool that the new apple store on 5th Ave is open 24/7 365. Wow, just like Walmart. Let’s say that the newest apple thing that I want isn’t available to buy in my own city, but I could catch a flight and pick it up near central park in NYC. That is genius. But let’s take it a step further. Anyone that has bought the latest and greatest video iPod will swear about the battery life. It doesn’t last nearly long enough as it should. I like the apple brand, though I question the quality outside of the industrial design. Some of the nav. is questionable with it’s products, but hey it’s apple so I’ll let it slide.

Now I fly into NYC and figure out that it might be easier to buy a laptop then to find an internet cafe to do a bit of research. If I’m a designer my options are a bit limited. Try to find a pc or go to the Mac store and drop a bit of cash on a laptop and head to a fourbucks for some java. But let’s just pretend that there’s another option. Let’s say I bought a cheap Nintendo DS and downloaded a browser. If that were true I could serf the internet and blog for less than the cost of an iPod. No need for any laptop.

Apperntly the Nintendo DS will be able to browse the internet w/ Opera in the not so distant future. More links about it at: http://www.4colorrebellion.com/archives/2006/03/29/opera-due-in-december/ and http://wiinintendo.net/?p=110 and http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6593678297367636416

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    Speaking of designer preferences for brand, Red Dot’s prestigious Design Team of the Year award for 2006 goes to LG Electronics Corporate Design Center. From a design perspective, LG has been going some impressive work and their new notebooks, the Xnotes, are the thinnest in the world and sport a very slick aesthetic.


  • http://occultdesign.blogspot.com/ Fell the Don

    PS — Apple ibox