Reading vs Writing in Braille

Braille is one of those things that has always fascinated me. A lot of what I do is based on observation so taking that tool away yet still being able to communicate is something that I wish I knew more about. So when I come across a post about it once in a while I’ll pay attention to it. I also like paying attention to patterns. I came across this modified Rubik’s Cube that has eliminated the color and swapped it for braille. A day afterwards Engadget posted about a Braille writing program for the iPhone.

I don’t know much about this Rubik’s cube aside from seeing it posted on a blog. The idea of taking a visual tool such as the color blocks that need to be matched with both eyes and hand have been swapped with mind and hand. I’d be curious to see who could match things up faster. A first time person with sight or a first time blind person. My gut suggests the blind person would complete it first.

BrailleTouch Helps Visually Impaired Users

Everything that the BrailleTouch is why I love the iPad and for this example the iPhone. It’s bassically compressing expensive hardware into a touch software solution. The braille program negates the need for expensive hardware while increasing the efficiency of typing in braille. It was interesting to hear the disclaimer that this app isn’t a solution for texting while driving. You can read more about this at Engadget’s post Georgia Tech researchers turn an iPhone into a Braille writer with BrailleTouch app.

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