Crumpler mini matches

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crumpler mini matches, originally uploaded by Michael Surtees.

Walking around for a couple days in NYC with my new black MacBook, I started to feel that the bag I was carrying wasn’t up to the challenge. Lucky for me I found the Crumpler store. Just a couple doors down from Rice to Riches, I checked the bag store out. Of course I found the bag of my dreams, but more noteworthy was one of their giveaways that I’m now talking about. They had these really nifty mini matches. They’ve got this really cool scale to them and how can you not smile when you look at them – just like they’re bags.

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  • Christina

    Do they make them small to discourage you from using them cuz I’m guessing the clumsy folk like myself would burn their fingers pretty easily. Not a product for the ham-handed, for sure!

  • michael

    I think they’re small so they don’t clutter the small nyc appartments. Space is precious you know. Now that I think about it, I’ve never actually tested the matches to see if they are real. Hmmmm.