design*notes work in progress review

Jemma over at design-erly has been collecting some thoughts on my blog. What caught my attention was the reference quote that she used. “Although the element of review is not highly complex, this style of blog, a personal and reflective style actually provokes quite a high level of reflective judgement.
“They also readily admit their willingness to reevaluate the adequacy of their judgments as new data or new methodologies become available” (King & Kitchener, 2002 cited at”
A casual and personal tone allows for people to change their minds as well as to be less certain. Random thoughts allow us to write without censoring so much, the things we write don’t need the same level of certainty we feel when we write with a highly intellectual tone.”

Take a look at the rest of her post HERE.

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  • Mark Jackson

    Michael, although I don’t normally comment on the material inside your blog I wanted to say I have read pretty well every post you have made. I think the comments you have made and the things you discuss inside it about design and about things unrelated to design are all great and interesting. I wish you the best with everything.

  • michael

    Hey Mark, thanks for that.

  • Marc Rapp

    “find this quite interesting, because I have noticed that Reflective Reasoning in itself I doubt requires an intellectual writing style, but a reflective writing style. I know that sounds obvious, but a higher level of reasoning often will make me think that an intellectual tone needs to increase, although, perhaps (I am not certain about this), the less certain we sound, often sounding less intellectual, we will be more reflective’

    Later, on a new post
    “knowledge claims must be evaluated in relationship to the context.”

    As a trained observer first, I personally feel your blog Reflects your intellectual capacity and the content you share very well–simply, the way it
    should be.

    Cheers again.