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There are two or maybe three really good radio stations out there that people consistently site as great resources for new and quality music. They’re KEXP, the Current and KCRW. But even those stations fall into predictable patterns of tunes, and eventually get a little old. If you’re fall into that eclectic category looking for more, check out the Hype Machine. At first glance it’s a little confusion, but once you’ve pressed a couple ”listen” buttons, it becomes very easy to understand. It’s essentially a site that grabs mp3 files that people have blogged about and allows you to listen to the music. They also link to the original blog post, so it theory you could save the mp3 file to your desktop from the blog site you’re reading from. After doing some searching I was pretty happy with the depth of music.

But what about the stuff I don’t know about yet, but still is great? The home page is updated on a pretty regular basis, come back in a hour and a lot will have changed. Start listen to the first tune you see and their player pops up. Don’t like the first song, press a button and a new selection pops up. Eventually you’ll hear something that you didn’t know existed.

Thanks for the fyi Christian

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