Under the Iron Sea Album Art Interview

I seem to be on a muzak kick this week. Sanna Annukka illustrated the new album by Keane, Under the Iron Sea. On Keane’s web site there’s an interview with her. The interview is divided into three parts, about her work, the process for the actual album and inspirations.

There’s the obvious questions about did she listen to the album which she replies “I must have listened to the album at least a hundred times by now. I think it’s a very strong collection of songs and it certainly had an influence on my artwork. I had never really listened to any of Keane’s previous stuff apart from ‘Bedshaped’. I was familiar with that song, so I wasn’t totally aware of what to expect from their second album. I have to say my favorite songs from the new album are ‘A Bad Dream’ and ‘Try again,’ I think they are excellent.” And to the question of a booklet telling a story “Basically, I created lots of elements (illustrations) inspired from each of the songs and the plan was to merge all the elements into a surreal world or a dream sequence. There is no definite narrative but lots of little ones that merge in and out of each other. I want the viewer to keep noticing new things in the sequence.”

And if you’re wondering, the album is pretty good and yes I did listen to it while writing this post.

You can read the interview at www.keanemusic.com/keane/sanna.html and www.zeegenrush.com

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