Link Drop for the last week

THE ATLANTIC: The Man Who Broke Atlantic City

I don’t use Instapaper that much for reading things that I’ve saved. What I do like going back to the app for is to find content from the Featured section. The Atlantic article is a great example of someone that observed what the house was giving an internal advantage and turned it into an advantage for himself.

SPIEGEL: Confessions of a Genius Art Forger

Ninakix mentioned this on Twitter a couple days ago. The biggest takeaway is that this person observed how the artists created things to such a degree that he was able to find missing gaps that if the artist had painted the scenes themself, it would be passable that what the forger created was the real thing

N+1: On the Market

I think I found this from the Longreads app, but I can’t be certain. Hopefully the internet police are ok with this. This post gave a look at what one’s person experience was like working at an art auction house.


I hope some fine establishments in NYC see this post and redesign their tables to fit iPads. I know I’d visit them to check out the ergonomics of the experience of it.

GLOBAL MOXIE: 3.1 Million Pixels Are Heavy

As awesome as the new retina screen is for the ipad, there’s so many more image formats that need to be accounted for. It’s a headache for designer’s to consider. This article talks about some of the issues we need to consider as we move forward.


Now that I have the new one, I’ll be curious to read more people’s reaction to the weight. I personally think it’s a pretty big deal and will post about it in a couple days from now. The Daring Fireball post is worth reading to compare the pre event to the actual release of the new iPad.

A LIST APART: The Best Browser is the One You Have with You

Smart practical observations to consider when designing these days.

LUKEW: Multi-Device Layout Patterns

The Layout Shifter is kind of an interesting method to work within the constraints of the browser depending on the device it’s found in. I could see this pattern being helpful for evolving how people navigate sections.

.NET: Jared Spool on usability and intuitive design

This seems pretty obvious but apparently it’s not. Watch the people using the stuff that you design. It’s actually one of the best things about being a designer.

THE VERGE: Sparrow takes flight: how a startup built the Gmail app Google couldn’t

I’m not totally convinced that Sparrow is the next best way to view email. It feels kind of slow and I don’t totally trust it. With that said it does a great job like Path of showing different interaction models that are worth observing. This post talks about some of the thinking behind the new app.

ALL THINGS D: Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann’s Lesson for Start-Ups: Go Your Own Way

There’s a lot of great points in this post.

ALJAZEERA: Russia’s election, Kony2012 and online voyeur justice

Interesting view on how transparency can be turned on it’s head.

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