I’m relocating to NYC!

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I’m relocating to NYC!, originally uploaded by Michael Surtees.

Yes, it’s true – I’m moving to New York to work at Renegade Marketing. More to come as I can collect my thoughts…

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  • http://www.portigal.com Steve Portigal

    Wonderful! Congrats!

    Selfishly, this increases the chances that we’ll actually get to meet (having never been to Edmonton, and elsewhere in Alberta only once)…

    Looking forward to more info about the gig, etc.

  • Don

    So awesome! Congratulations!

  • http://www.michaelsurtees.com michael

    Thanks Steve, that sounds like a great idea to finally meet up. I’m looking forward to being with Renegade, I’m sure there won’t be a dull moment ahead.

  • http://www.roboppy.net/food Robyn

    Congrats! And you’ll be above the Chelsea Market? Ehehe…of course I’d find that especially cool. 😉

  • http://www.inkbase.com Jason Landry

    Congrats! It will definitely be an adventure.

  • http://www.michaelsurtees.com michael

    What can I say but thanks? So merci! and btw Robyn I luv all of your food flickr shots.

  • http://www.spintechnologies.ca/flashblog Randy Troppmann

    Am I the only unhappy one here? They are stealing him from us … boo hoo … Michael it has been awesome working with you. Tear it up!!

  • debbie millman

    congratulations! new york needs you!
    : )

  • Chris Matthews

    congrats on the move! enjoy it!

  • Mark Turuk

    Looks like a fun drive. 🙂

    Have fun at the border crossing! 😀

  • http://www.michaelsurtees.com michael

    Thanks for all of your support, it means a lot as the time draws near.

  • Litherland

    And you’ll be above the Chelsea Market?

    Indeed, not a bad location at all. You can buy your daily bread at Amy’s, get almost everything you need to furnish your apartment at Bowery Kitchen and zip out for lunch at Pastis every day, if you want…

  • http://www.noahbrier.com Noah Brier

    Yeah, the food is amazing. Make sure you try the goat cheese, eggplant and olive spread sandwich from Amy’s. MMMMmmmmm . . . too good to be true. (Assuming you like that sort of thing.)

  • Litherland

    Haven’t tried that one yet, Noah; thanks for the rec. For a while there, every other day I would order a “raw” (meaning not grilled) grilled cheese sandwich from Amy’s. Yum!

  • http://mozdawg.blogspot.com/ Ben Tremblay

    Tooooooo funny! I come within a whisker of connection with a local _savant_ and *phooosh!* he’s headed state-side!

    Good on ya … wish you all the best.

    Say, let me poke around RM’s site … maybe we can talk about a novel approach to communications for NGOs?

    travel well!

  • http://chrisglass.com chris glass

    I’m going to stifle my envy and say what it is: